Quick Guide To Improve Your Home Connectivity

In recent years, having reliable, quality, and secure Internet access has become a necessity. We have gone from having an access point (the classic desktop PC that the whole family shared) to multiple devices that simultaneously connect to the network and exchange a large amount of information between them. In this guide, we review some useful tips to improve the quality of your connection at home.

Choose well where you place the router

Although manufacturers have been improving over the years, most routers are so ugly that we don’t like to have them in plain sight. It is not a good idea; the device’s position can affect the quality of the wireless connection, and, also, they are usually very sensitive to temperature.

Use quality cabling

Not all cables are the same, and the differences go far beyond color. Although in terms of distance, they should all work well below 100 meters, not all manufacturers put the same care in details such as construction quality, shielding against electromagnetic interference, or shielding the braiding of the copper wires.

Obviously, it does not make sense to spend a lot of money on the meter, and a half cable that connects the router to your console (in fact, the one that the manufacturer includes is more than enough), but things change when it comes to setting up a local network. It is important to note that the Ethernet cables will share space with those of the electrical network. Choosing some Cat6 will not cost you too much and is a guarantee for the future.

Optimize your WiFi connectivity

As most of our readers will already know, the WiFi communication standard has improved exponentially over the years. Thus, each generation is a really important leap in terms of performance and coverage.

It is important to bear in mind that having an 802.11 ac WiFi router is useless if our devices are not able to take advantage of it. Therefore, and although the transactions are always complicated, always invest a little in a quality router since it is the most important device in our network. So we renew smartphones, tablets, computers, and other devices, we can take advantage of the new standard. Otherwise, we would have a significant limitation on the quality of our connection.

Quick Guide To Improve Your Home Connectivity

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